About Us


CENTRE FOR RURAL DEVELOPMENT (CRD)is a non-profit organisation that serves the marginalised and vulnerable families in Namakkal District of Tamilnadu irrespective of caste, religion, linguistic, creed, etc. It has been legally registered under the Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act on Dec 19th 1996. The general body members of CRD have strong educational backgrounds and considerable experiences in social work. Moreover, with a committed and involvement of the members, the society was formed.

We collectively work for the qualitative changes in the lives of the marginalised and disadvantaged individuals, specifically women, children, youth, dalits, tribal's and persons with disabilities in Namakkal district. We gauge achievement in our capability to make more marginalised further flourishing.  

Our Vision

We envision a future with empowerment of poor and marginalised towards self-sustainability.

Our Mission

Provision of services for social mobilization, training, education, health care, sanitation, agriculture and allied activities to empower by means of holistic development of communities.


On The Implementation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

India will continue to pursue the implementation of the SDG agenda through close collaboration between the national and sub-national governments as well as active participation of all other relevant NGOs. India believes that with combined and sustained efforts at the national and global levels, it will indeed be possible to eradicate poverty and ensure a prosperous world for all. Therefore we CRD has storongly commited to implement SDG goals in all walks of social services.

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President Desk

CRD has been designed its program and activities to improve the living conditions of the most deserving, down trodden families. CRD facilitates all sectors of the society by enhancing their existing skill to stand on their own towards sustainability.

Being the President of the society I feel immense pleasure in the Growth of the society which renders its services to the needy during these years. This society operates in all the 15 Blocks in Namakkal district by covering a huge population both directly and indirectly. The committed, dedicated and well experienced staff is the backbone of the society. Under the dynamic leadership of A.XAVIER, the Secretary/Treasurer cum Director of CRD the Society steps up in gearing its activities to cover more people in order to bring changes in their lives.

Secretary/Director Desk

CRD strongly believes that “Empowering people to empower themselves” would be the success of its programs. To attain this objective, CRD has enlarged its vision to empower the poor the marginalized towards self sustainability.

The Mission includes and emphasizes on building the capacities and capabilities of the target community. Hence forth, the target community is involved in planning, implementing and monitoring, thus the community is enabled to ensure their involvement and participation in our activities.

Namakkal district is well known for its greatest contribution in the field of education, poultry, Lorry and truck body building, mines, industries, textiles, etc., On the other hand, this district notifies as the high risk region for the prevalence of HIV/AIDs. The other socioeconomic problems such as poverty, unemployment, illiteracy, Female infanticide and Foeticide, water and sanitation, migration, pollution, child labor, Bonded Labor, untouchability etc., are the major challenges to look into.

CRD develops it reports with Government departments, developmental agencies and the voluntary bodies to address those issues and help to solve the social problems. With the coordination and cooperation of the people, donors, well wishers and the Government. CRD spreads its activities in all the regions of Namakkal district.

CRD continues its services and it has been instrumental in bringing changes in the living conditions of the downtrodden. The skill of women, children, youth, are strengthened through various trainings. The capacity building would result in a society with integrity, solidarity and prosperity of the local communities.

Our Values

  1. Consult with and respect the views of the people in the areas targeted for development initiatives.
  2. Support without consideration of the racial and religious affiliations of recipients.
  3. Not support or condone the proselytizing of recipients by staff involved in development activities.

Goals Of The Target Communities of CRD

  1. Eradicate Child Labour and stop the School Dropout.
  2. Ensure Child Protection and promote Child Rights.
  3. Ensure education for all and promote Life Skill Education.
  4. Enhance the capacities of vulnerable and marginalized adolescent girls against violation.
  5. Improve the capacities of youth towards constructive work.
  6. Empower women socially, economically and politically.
  7. Facilitate families for better investment and savings.
  8. Declare Namakkal district free from HIV/AIDS by 02.02.2030.
  9. Improve the quality life of people living with HIV/AIDS.
  10. Make access for the local community with available health services.
  11. Target communities intensively involve in preserving the environment by planting 1 Lakh tree saplings by 02.02.2030.
  12. Preserve the Namakkal Biosphere and the heritage.
  13. Encourage the farmer’s community to increase the productivity through organic cultivation.
  14. Promote agriculture and allied activities.
  15. Enhance the economics of the vulnerable and most deserving families.


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